Why should I join Penn State Miami?

We do our best to bring Penn State pride and values to the magic city. In such a diverse city 1,200 miles from campus it can be extremely challenging to meet like-minded people with shared values. We strive to connect Penn Staters of all stripes through our chapter's social and volunteer events.

Why should I pay dues? Your events are open to everyone.

That's right! Our events are open to everyone, and we'll never turn a Penn Stater away.

That said - we're a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. To put it simply, you fund us. Our entire budget relies on our membership dues. Additionally, 25% of our membership dues are automatically donated to our scholarship fund. The chapter is run by a few dedicated volunteers; we don't receive any compensation, and we prefer it that way. All of the money we receive goes either into our scholarship fund or back to our members in the form of social events.

And if you don't join, that's OK too. You're still welcome at our events, and we hope you'll consider joining in the future.

  • Meet and network with other Penn State Alumni in the Miami area.
  • Listing in the chapter's professional directory.
  • Discounted rates for chapter social events and merchandise.
  • Eligible to vote in chapter elections, serve on committees and run for office.